batch update: rendering techniques for theatre

Greyscale marker. This is a gallery at the Art Institute of Chicago; I remember it mainly because an art history professor took us through it last year and said “hey, by the way, if you bring someone here on a date this is a nice dark private place for you to go!”

My friend Angie, drawn from life during class.

Watercolor rendering, copied from a White House, Black Market magazine ad–the ad was in black and white, and I chose a color on my own.

India ink, wash and dip pen, copied from another ink drawing I sadly don’t know the origins of. The assigment was just to let us get a handle on using ink.



the neck is a column, supporting the head

Reports of my death or worse, academic failure, are greatly you-know-what.

I’ve owned a tablet for a while now, but I’ve mostly used it for graphic and layout kinds of work and those not nearly often enough; this was my first attempt at actually drawing something with it. It’s the head of a girl with a flower in her hair; I mention this because the friend I showed it to all CHECK ME OUT, I AM HIGH-TECH NOW! couldn’t even tell what it was. I think you auto-fail out of art school for that. /checks transcript just in case

In slightly more high-quality news, I got so far behind on posting here– even though I was only in one drawing class last semester– that I have three projects that never got posted here. One was an ad for a candy bar; I drew a nice picture of a Crunch bar hanging from a Christmas tree, but it really wasn’t terribly challenging, and the writing turned out rotten-looking because my gold paint pen ran out of ink partway through. Even though the actual drawing looked good, I got a C+ and deserved it, and honestly I don’t think it’s an interesting or difficult enough piece of work to merit photographing.

Next-to-last project was pretty straightforward: choose a medium, draw a portrait of someone and pay attention to dealing accurately with the anatomy of the head. I hate hate hate asking people I actually know to model for me (I really hope this isn’t going to be a problem when I take life drawing D:) but luckily I wasn’t required to draw from life here, so I drew Tuba Byukustun, a Turkish actress a friend of mine is fond of.

I don’t think I’ve posted anything in charcoal here before! Basically all my work in Drawing I was in more fluid media like ink wash and charcoal, but that was before I started posting here; this was Applied Drawing, which was a much more practical kind of class where almost all my work was in pen and marker. In high school, I really hated charcoal because it was so messy, but weirdly doing literally dozens of still lives in it changed my mind. (I think I might post some of those, if I still have them around.) It doesn’t have the look I usually like for finished work– I still love pen and marker for that– but it’s soft and mutable and really relaxing to work with. This drawing is kind of wobbly-looking in some places, but I think it turned out pretty well, and it was nice and quick and fun to draw.

AND MY FINAL. Our final project was to take a chunk of our daily routine and adapt it into either a comic book page or a six-panel storyboard, like for a film clip. Most of my class did storyboards; I, inevitably, did a comic, about reading ridiculous shit on the bus to school in the morning. It stars, from left to right circa panel 4: Kate Beaton’s Fat Pony, Mr. Spock, myself, Archie Goodwin, Lady Morgana, and a UFO of dubious origin.

I got an A on this thing, and I damn well deserved it, too. It is not the most brilliant art ever, but it’s pretty good by my standards, and what it lacks there I think I made up pretty well in concept and design choices and use of color. My professor was also very impressed with my ability to color in that massive black area so neatly without taping, but I don’t know how much that particular skill counts for in the real world.

Okay, so there’s that up to date! I have one week left until school starts– I am again taking only one actual drawing class, but that’s Figure Drawing, so lots of stuff should hopefully be getting posted out of that. And I’m also taking Costume Design, which should also result in some interesting artwork even if that isn’t the actual point of the class. Meanwhile, although it is now seven and a half months since I began my “draw every day for thirty days” challenge, I am still hoping to knock out a few pages of derby girls this week. You never know.