batch update: illustration studio

Assignment: create a character model sheet, like people do for animation but not necessarily in an animation style. I enjoyed drawing this dog enough I think I might use her for an upcoming “design a children’s book” assigment in the same class.

Assignment: create a WPA-style poster about the contemporary issue of our choice.

Assignment: create an illustration inspired in some way by Norman Rockwell.


batch update: rendering techniques for theatre

Greyscale marker. This is a gallery at the Art Institute of Chicago; I remember it mainly because an art history professor took us through it last year and said “hey, by the way, if you bring someone here on a date this is a nice dark private place for you to go!”

My friend Angie, drawn from life during class.

Watercolor rendering, copied from a White House, Black Market magazine ad–the ad was in black and white, and I chose a color on my own.

India ink, wash and dip pen, copied from another ink drawing I sadly don’t know the origins of. The assigment was just to let us get a handle on using ink.


the scottish play

I just got a whole heap of work back in both my drawing classes, so I’m going to make a couple of big batch posts tonight to get all those things up, but these are light renderings based on Rupert Goold’s Macbeth, which was the production that made me decide to go to art school. So they’re a wee bit special.