just some silliness

As usual, not dead! Haven’t had much to add since the school year ended, but I’ve been doing some exercises that I will post selections from soon! Also I have started my COMIC (it is always in allcaps because I have difficulty believing it exists! On the off-chance someone is reading this whom I don’t already know personally, it’s called Two Old Maids, it’s a Golden Age style cosy mystery, and there isn’t much of it yet but you should defs read it.

In the meantime, I just wrote a letter to my five-year-old cousin who is big into Doctor Who, so I drew her some little doodles on the back and– surprisingly– was really pleased with these little doofy things I drew in five minutes with a fountain pen.

Seriously. If I must be able to draw one person recognizably, why is that person Matt Smith? How did that happen?


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