sketchbook 8-10: observation, copying seurat

I had never done IRL observational drawing of people before. That shit is hard. People on my Google Reader are always posting these really effective, detailed little sketches of strangers around them, and I have no idea how you can produce a drawing that effective in the like five seconds before your subject stands up and wanders away. I know, I know, it’s a practice thing.

In other news: stippling. The original drawings I copied weren’t stippled, but they were Seurat, and done on heavily textured paper, so I thought I might as well. Thus: adventures in markmaking.

It took me until like halfway through the first drawing to get really tired of stippling. The effect is really great when it works (and I do like this one a lot!)

By the time I had made serious progress on this second, I kind of wanted to throw out every drawing implement I own that has a point. Give me charcoal, oh my god, and brushes and ink and stuff I can smear everywhere. Hence the background on this one, which . . . self, when will you learn that deliberately varying the markmaking in a drawing never looks nearly as awesome as you think it will?

There is a third drawing waiting to be copied, but I cannot cope with it right now. Too many dots. o_o It will sit open in a tab, making me guilty, until I deal with it over the weekend or something.


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