sketchbook 2-4: copying Degas drawings

I’m taking Figure Drawing this semester, and one of the requirements is filling a hundred pages of a 9×12 sketchbook during the semester. There’s no requirement about what I have to do with it, but I’m trying to make it all related to drawing people anyway. 3 drawings a week of a statue from the Art Institute, three copies of a famous artist’s work, and 3-4 pages of observational drawing, just sitting around watching people. Chicago has been kind of snowed in this week, so no chance for observational drawing, but have copies of three Degas figure drawings to start off with. (Page 1 was notes from my first day of class.)

The only conclusion I can draw from all three of these is that I am vastly more pleased with my line art than with my shading. Especially on that third; you can really see there that the line art was pretty nice and then my shading just went everywhere. Eep.

Next up: some hourlies I did last week or tomorrow’s Art Institute drawings, whatever I feel like posting first.

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