garagebot- development and line art

Because this image was going to be a bit tricky to put together properly– especially since my professor wanted it all done in mechanically constructed perspective– I tried something new with it: developing the image over several layers of tracing paper instead of constructing everything on one page and erasing constantly and making a mess. This worked out really well, but was also incredibly repetitive and tedious. I think the whole process took ten-twelve hours, maybe? And the line art doesn’t reflect that at all.

I tried to be vaguely conscientious about my photography today, putting all the sheets on my drafting table so they would have a white background and a bright direct light on them. You can see how well that turned out.

I worked through these with three leads– non-photo blue for transferring information from one sheet to the next, 4H for tentative lines, 2H for final ones. India ink on the final line art. Drafting conventions are bleeding through into my freehand drawing, apparently.

It took me forfuckingever just to draw a grid in one-point perspective. Three hours.

A reaaaally basic layout at this point; just lines to indicate furniture and the placment/size of two of the three figures in the picture. And I added a right-hand wall, since the grid had gotten so incredibly distorted over to that side.

Adding volume to the furniture, a bit more detail to the architecture. Still just basic outlines to indicate where two of the figures go, and none at all for a third.

Just sketching out poses at first to get the positions and proportions right; I didn’t bother copying most of the architecture or furniture, except what I needed to indicate where figures went.

Developing those poses into actual robotic figures– again, without bothering to include furniture. The way the far-left girl’s head is turned to watch the one in the back is a complete accident; she was supposed to be looking down at her own foot, but I messed up drawing the “bun” at the back of her head and it looked a million times better than what I meant to do. Sometimes that happens.

And, line art! I still have to trace and ink this once more so I have a copy to color; man, I am not looking forward to that at all. So tired of drawing the same lines over and over. Coloring will be scary, but at least it’ll be new.


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