a costume rendering

Guess who still isn’t dead! I’ve been really busy with school, and despite being an art student all my drawing classes this semester are really dry– Drafting for Theater and Applied Drawing. I could cry for wanting to do some freehand drawing, but I am so tired.

This wasn’t for school or professional, just a really nerdy purpose on my own time. Considering how little freehand drawing I’ve been doing lately and how rarely I draw in color, I think it turned out fantastic. Possibly the best job of figure drawing I’ve done yet.

This is a woman from 1944, going to a cocktail-ish party. She came out looking a bit 60s-ish, but I’m pleased to say that problem is with my rendering and not the design; I didn’t shade the skirt enough to suggest the proper fullness, and I shaded the collar too much so it looks way more dramatic than it was supposed to be. But generally: really really happy.


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