roller derby 15 + the tate britain

Three months in to the day and hello, halftime! For some reason my reference photo for today only had two girls, so that’s a bit of a break, I guess.

I think I did well with the poses here, but . . . ahahaha proportions.

And the last of my London drawing– an installation at the Tate Britain, Harrier and Jaguar, consisting of a Harrier fighter jet hung upside down in the museum lobby and a Jaguar fighter lying on the lobby floor, belly-up. The Jaguar was kind of overwhelming, because it was huge and all up in your face, and thus very difficult to draw coherently; the Harrier, however, I loved drawing an awful lot.

Plus I bought a postcard of the Harrier, so for once I actually have a photograph to go with my drawings! It was really well integrated into the architecture of the building– my friend Susie, when I showed her this photo, found it outright creepy– and neither my drawing nor the postcard really conveys how lovely the light was.


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