roller derby 14 + the british museum

On day 13 I was going to start doodling in faces, but I forgot! Remembered today, though.

Crouching and kneeling figures are hard, for me at least; they aren’t moving much, but you have to get the outlines of the calf and thigh just right so they contact each other even though the lines defining each are at an angle. Luckily, the first picture was at such an angle that that wasn’t much of an issue; what was an issue was the hair, which I have not yet had to draw since I’ve been doing that, since most of these girls were wearing helmets. I think I did all right on her pose– not so much on her hair.

All I can say about the second picture is: someday, someday, I will consistently remember to leave room for people’s heads. And about the third: wow, that girl’s arm is huge.

Today’s London sketches, such as they are, are from the British Museum. I was having a completely terrible day when I did these– as terrible as a day involving the British Museum could be– so I made these few sad efforts and then gave up for a few days. The only one I’m really pleased with is the burial mask from Sutton Hoo; the others are just tragic in comparison to what I posted yesterday.

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