roller derby 12 + the V&A

Shockingly, I am not dead! I am not even a little bit dead, just slacking terribly, and seeing as I start school September 7 it’s time I got over that right quick.

There’s no way I’m going to get to Alon Bement this summer, sadly, and probably not during the semester either– his lessons are each pretty time-consuming. But I will damn well do 30 sets of derby girls. I am determined.

I am so mad I fell so far out of the habit of this. So mad. Because whatever shred of improvement I made during the first ten days is just, bip, gone. I’m drawing girls who look like they have one shoulder again, for God’s sake. Self. 😡

However, I do find it kind of neat– and have for a while– how, when I really look at just the outline of a figure as a flat silhouette, the limbs curve in all kinds of weird ways that look like they should be horrendously painful. And then I add more lines and shade a bit, and with derby girls I can cheat and add in a knee or elbow pad to place the joint, and bam, it looks just like an arm! Like, look at that first girl’s left arm (her left). That’s two smooth curves, tapering together a bit, with a chunk shaded together in the middle. You wouldn’t think that’s how an arm works! But apparently it does.

The third girl’s left leg would be an example of this too, except that she may actually be the single worst drawing of the 36-and-change I have posted to this blog so far. I usually start drawing with the curve of the shoulders and arms, or along the side and down over one hip, but with her I wanted to try starting from the legs, and, well. You hit a point some days where absolutely nothing is going right and you just desperately keep doing things in the hopes of eventually redeeming yourself but you really no longer care. I hit that point in my day today about half an hour after I got out of bed, and in this drawing sometime during her right leg. You get a good night’s sleep and move on.

ANYWAY. Much more awesomely, my sketching from my visit to the Victoria & Albert! I was going to explore more, but then I found the Fashion gallery and drew four pages of dresses, and no one was surprised. I was in there so long that I actually got visibly better at drawing drapery.

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