roller derby 11 + an airplane

After a few weeks I am back on the roller derby drawing hog! Such as it is. My “thirty-day” challenge to myself is now on its 70th calendar day and only 11th day of actually accomplishing something :/ But at least I’m still chugging along!

As you can see, however, the break has done my results few favors.

. . . I said I wasn’t going to be uselessly self-deprecating, so I just don’t even want to talk about the first one. Dear God. The second is better, at least. It started out really well; I guess I should’ve left it half-done.

I have no idea in retrospect why I chose to use the third photograph; the girl is such an awful tangle of limbs (just look at that excuse for a diagram) that I really can’t figure out what her legs are doing, which isn’t terribly helpful to me. But I chose all my references ahead of time, so I plugged bravely ahead. (That is the theme of this post, I guess; Plugging Bravely Ahead In The Face Of One’s Own Incompetence.

Strangely, though, I like that one best.

And here: the first day of my London trip. It barely even counts, because thanks to the magic of time zones we took off at 8AM and reached the hotel at 9PM. So really all there was to draw was airplane, and as it turns out airplanes are deeply annoying things to draw. (There will be more and better airplanes later, thanks to an installation I liked at the Tate.)

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