roller derby 10

A third of the way done, and I am now six posts for six days!

One pretty straightforward pose, today, and two really dynamic ones today, where by “dynamic” in the last case I mean “this girl was photographed mid-faceplant.” I wish I could post the photos I work from here– I think it would be really useful– but I’m not sure if there would be copyright issues, so I prefer not to.

Anyway: first picture adequate. Second girl’s left hip was obscured in the photo, so I did my best, but there is really no excuse for her left leg at all; it seems to have gone really wrong at the knee and below, and I can’t find a difference between my drawing and the photo to account for it. I was really pleased with the third girl, and . . .then I drew her head. I’m still pretty pleased with the rest of her, though– she actually looks like she’s falling over!


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