planning ahead

Okay, so. Assume I keep chugging along with one or two sets of derby girls a day and finish when I planned to, on July 25. I’m going to be in London from July 26-August 5


and travel makes it hard to keep up a daily routine, so I figure as long as I keep on drawing something every day I’m cool. I don’t know if I’ll be able to post my work using just a Blackberry, so there may be a sudden huge batch of drawings of London when I get back. I hope not; I really like being able to post stuff as I go.

After I get back I have another 30 days– 33, I think, actually, before school starts. And I conveniently have Bement’s The Energetic Line in Figure Drawing, which looks really cool and is divided up into 30 short exercises. So that’s what I mean to be doing up through Labor Day, probably in some bastardized hybrid of pencil and ink.

Once school starts, I’ll have two drawing classes, but they’re Drafting for Theatre and Applied Drawing– both classes that sound like they’re aimed more towards accuracy than artistry. So on days when I’m not doing actual homework I think I’ll play around with my Andrew Loomis books– nothing too demanding, I just have a variety of useful-looking .pdfs by him.

That gets me up to the end of the semester, and I don’t know what I’ll do after that. Maybe plants? I was complaining today that the idea of drawing plants really intimidates me.


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