roller derby 6

CHECK ME OUT TWO POSTS IN TWO DAYS. What is the world coming to, I ask you.

Check out the shoulders on these girls! And I mean shoulders, because there are two of them on each person. Crazy talk. Especially since, the way the third girl was positioned behind the second, I had no actual way to tell what was going on with her right arm, so I made an educated-ish guess that it was behind her anyway. She still looks a little odd, but way better than a couple of days ago.


It occurs to me, looking at this post now, that it looks like that first girl is wearing nothing whatsoever below the waist. This isn’t the case at all; it’s just that for consistency’s sake I’ve been shading in black shorts/leggings/pads and leaving everything else white except for cast shadows, and she was in fact wearing metallic red leggings. In retrospect I should have just drawn on a pair of hot pants or something.

I am a fifth of the way through the month (after two and a half weeks ahaha . . . ha) so I am changing up a bit and giving up the diagrams for now, because they mostly feel like busywork and end up looking like horribly deformed constellations. They might be a useful thing to know for drawing from imagination, and I might come back to practicing them another time, but I don’t think they do me much good when drawing a pose from sight; all they do is double the time I spend making what feels like the same amount of progress.

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