roller derby 3+4

Finally, more “art!” I am not very good at this one-page-a-day thing but I’m getting better? I think? At establishing a routine if not at the actual drawing yet. Not that “better” means much, clearly.

I was trying to avoid drawing in knee and elbow pads at first, because I thought they would obscure the lines of the figure, but it turns out they actually make it clearer what’s going on, especially around the knees. Is that cheating? Maybe.

Have we talked about how bad I am at dividing my paper into even sixths? Let’s talk about that. It’s like I’m not even trying. (Spoiler: I’m not.) Also, upon reflection, that third girl really bugs me; my foreshortening was awesome on her left leg and terrible on her shoulders and I don’t know why.

On day 7 or thereabouts I think I might give up doing separate diagrams; they’re already looking more and more like actual figures. I love this feeling that, even if I am not suddenly already magically awesome, I really am improving and learning from myself as I go. Even if you can’t really tell that from my repeated failure to draw nearly identical poses on day 4 there– it’s a pretty standard derby posture so I had better be able to draw shoulders by day 30.


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