I try not to post here without something I have drawn, but my Internet has gone all whacked lately and doesn’t want to upload files ever, even giant important files I need to get to other people to keep my job. Maybe my “art” gave it indigestion, I don’t know. There will be stuff posted soon! Honest. Hopefully Wednesday. I love that for once the failure to post regularly isn’t my fault.

In the meantime, BOOKS. I got ’em. Fashion Illustration 1920-1950 by Walter T. Foster; Western World Costume by Carolyn G. Bradley; The Energetic Line in Figure Drawing, by Alon Bement; and a book of Holbein portraits my mom slipped in there. I am still waiting on the Erte and I think one or two more anatomy books, but BOOKS. The Bement in particular is very textbook-y, divided up into lessons with exercises, so maybe there is a way for me to work methodically through that; I already had some Andrew Loomis books that I would love to put to use as well.

Actually, when I can upload things again I might scan some of the Bement book, because it looks awesome and I am seriously excited about it.


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