art book shopping + roller derby 2

I made the mistake of asking someone for advice the other day about how to be less neurotic about my drawing, and they told me that maybe I should just give up until I could cope with the idea of not being immediately awesome.

I choose to believe they were trying to get the response they did in fact get from me, which was FUCK YOU I AM GONNA GO DRAW THINGS RIGHT NOW.

Incidentally, my mom and I split a Dover Books order, because they were doing a thing where if you ordered $50 in already-ridiculously-discounted books you got a $10 gift card. I have a whole heap of books about costume history and drawing instruction arriving tomorrow– I am particularly excited for a 1920s-50s- focused fashion illustration text and a book of Erte illustrations– so I will be flailing about those for the next little while.

Anyway, have a batch of people.

PEOPLE WITH WAISTS. Check it out. (I was even diligent enough to draw one for the ref in the middle, who appeared to have none.) I don’t know that I like these as much as the last batch, though. Why are my women not woman-shaped? Where is that one girl’s neck? I don’t know, Internet, I don’t know.

I am going to be downtown all day tomorrow and my reference photos are on my computer, so there may not be derby girls tomorrow, but there will be something. Maybe trains or ballet dancers. Things That Are Downtown.


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