piffle + roller derby 1

Hey hey so, um. Content. Yes.

I am terrible at committing to things that matter to me if I’m not actually very good at them. At the moment those things are playing piano, roller skating, and drawing; I may talk sometimes about piano and skating/derby here, and maybe even the hobbies I don’t suck at, but I can’t really produce bloggable results from either. So this is pretty much for trying to hammer myself into drawing on a daily basis even when I hate what I’m producing, which is usually.

To this end I signed up for Artslam originally, which is an LJ thing where you choose a concept and illustrate it every day for all thirty days of June. (Like NaNo for drawing.) I said “okay I will do figure drawing practice from roller derby photos!” except that I had surgery the first day of June, and by the time I started in and did one whole day of sketches everyone else on the comm obviously had their shit way more together than I had mine. So for the last three weeks I’ve been going SCREW IT TODAY I WILL BUCKLE DOWN AND DRAW THINGS >:C and then . . . not.

I am dumb. Feel free to tell me so; I like having people to be accountable to.

The point being! (Holy shit, I am not new to this, why do I ramble so much? I won’t do this every day, I promise.) Two derby girls and a ref, not very detailed, done in HB pencil on a Blick store-brand pad like the classy lady I am.

I photographed this, because my scanner and I aren’t getting along lately, and fiddled with the contrast and levels in Photoshop. I didn’t clean the lines up or anything, though.

I actually don’t hate these, which is a perpetual surprise to me. Even though I forgot to give anyone a waist when I was diagramming and I can’t foreshorten for shit. I could post my reference photos in future, if . . . anyone cares?

THERE WILL BE MORE. I swear it. I am hoping to get more elaborate as I progress– more detail, faces, using different leads and maybe even ink. (I love ink wash. It is so cool.) Later on in my folder of reference photos are clumps of people I plan to draw together. And after that . . . after that I am going on vacation, but after /that/ I guess I will find something else to do 30 days of until school starts. If all goes well.

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